Alpha Gamma Class

alpha gamma class

Spring 2012

#96 Aimee ‘Aureluné‘ Manimtim


Birthdate: 1/27/1994

Hometown: Stamford, CT

Hobbies/ Interests: singing, drawing, fashion design, baking, cooking, tae kwon do

Big: Katrina “CordA’lis” Lee

Little: Grace ‘ConcordeA‘ Oh

Major: Accounting/ Economics Minor

Involvement: Philippine-American League (PAL), Equality Project, Rainbow Pride Union, Tae Kwon Do club, Binghamton University Japanese Association, International Connection, Animation Club

Leadership: PricewaterhouseCoopers Scholar


#97 Nina ‘caLENd’ulA‘ Tang


Birthdate: 3/22/89

Hometown: Bayside, Queens, NY

Hobbies/ Interests: Singing, reading, sports, shopping, traveling

Big: Danping “Panique” Chen

Major: Biochemistry


#98 Shirley ‘ENDIOR‘ Tse


Birthdate: 7/25/92

Hometown: Long Island City

Hobbies/ Interests: Running, Cooking, Reading, Dancing

Big: Pauline “deVoir” Chang

Little: Allison “clarée” Moy

Major: Actuarial Science/ Economics

Involvement: SEMY Perfect


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