Alpha Delta Class

alpha delta class

Spring 2013

#100 Megan ‘K.A.R.A‘ Go


Birthdate: 4/5/93

Hometown: Albertson, NY
Hobbies/ Interests: Eating, Singing, Dancing, Writing, Crafts, Swimming, Badminton
Big: Yali “Korie” Lin
Major: Integrative Neuroscience
Involvement: Philippine-American League, Student Volunteer Center, Pre-Medical Association
Leadership: Philippine-American League- Publicity Chair, Student Volunteer Center-Web/social media coordinator, Pre-Medical Association- Notifications Chair

#101 Ally ‘clarée‘ Moy


Birth date: 7/16/93

Hometown: Piscataway, NJ

Hobbies/ Interests: cooking, writing, acting, singing, film/photography

Big: Shirley “ENDIOR” Tse

Littles: Diana ‘céoLaVie‘ Situ, Stephanie ‘Céreséis‘ Nguy

Major: Environmental Studies- Natural Resources

Involvement: The New BTV, Dickinson Community Players

Leadership: Co-Vice President of Multicultural Affairs for Mountainview College Council, Treasurer of Dickinson Community Players


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