Alpha Beta Class

alpha beta class

Spring 2011

#94 Cindy ‘VSOP‘ Vong


Birth date: 11/19/91

Hometown: Gunnison, Colorado

Hobbies/ Interests: Baking, Running, Traveling, Rave-ing

Big: Lily ‘almani‘ Lin

Major: Political Science, Environmental Studies

Involvement: Asian Student Union, Citizen Action of NY

Leadership: Asian Student Union historian, Asian Greek Council President

~Sigma Psi Zeta: Treasurer, Rush, Fundraising, Community Service, Social


#95 Erin ‘Prima‘ Lawlor


Birth date: 06/23/92

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Hobbies/ Interests: Baking, shopping, traveling

Big: Janey ‘deLaCora‘ Lam

Littles: Jiajia ‘Adelia‘ Ren, Amber ‘sublime‘ Chia

Major: Biochemistry, French Minor

Leadership: Teaching Assistant: Organic Chemistry



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