Introducing the Kaptivating Alpha Kappa Class!

The Beta Charter of Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, Inc. here at Binghamton University is proud to finally present our new class: the KAPTIVATING ALPHA KAPPAS!

You girls have shown immense strength throughout the course of this semester and truly embody the spirit and values of the sorority. Remember to rep your letters LOUD and PROUD and do BIG things for BETAS!

Shoutout to our alum, Munan “CorDiniA” Zhao for being PE and Min “ALIS” Zheng and Kelly “Chara” Chen for being PEAS! Say congrats to all of our neos and bigs who picked up!

#114 Emily “Carnage” Nguyen
Big: Sophia “aSCend” Huang

#115 Woo Jung “defîant” Kim
Big: Jenny “vignette” Guan

#116 Rosenna “Arémori” Chan
Big: Grace “ConcordeA” Oh

#117 Victoria “Kalaré” Chan
Big: Kelly “Chara” Chen

#118 Amy “reveCiél” Chen
Big: Stephanie “Céreséis” Nguy

Congrats again and welcome to the everlasting syzterhood!



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