Congratulations to our Alpha Theta Class!

Beta Chapter is proud to introduce: The Alpha Theta Thrillers!
We’re so excited and proud of you all for everything that you’ve accomplished. Rep your letters with pride and do big things for our chapter! Welcome to the everlasting syzterhood!

A HUGE thanks to
PE: Shirley “ENDIOR” Tse
PEA: Amber “sublime” Chia
PEA: Jiajia “Adelia” Ren

Congratulations to our three neos!

#108 Min “ALIS” Zheng
Big: Kathy “RAYDEA” Shi

#109 Gina “JioDe” Richards
Big: Sara “DynáMiA” Schiavi

#110 Sophia “aSCend” Huang
Big: Munan “CorDiniA” Zhao

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS to everyone that picked up and the PE and PEAs!

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 10.51.38 PM


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