Introducing the Kaptivating Alpha Kappa Class!

The Beta Charter of Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, Inc. here at Binghamton University is proud to finally present our new class: the KAPTIVATING ALPHA KAPPAS!

You girls have shown immense strength throughout the course of this semester and truly embody the spirit and values of the sorority. Remember to rep your letters LOUD and PROUD and do BIG things for BETAS!

Shoutout to our alum, Munan “CorDiniA” Zhao for being PE and Min “ALIS” Zheng and Kelly “Chara” Chen for being PEAS! Say congrats to all of our neos and bigs who picked up!

#114 Emily “Carnage” Nguyen
Big: Sophia “aSCend” Huang

#115 Woo Jung “defîant” Kim
Big: Jenny “vignette” Guan

#116 Rosenna “Arémori” Chan
Big: Grace “ConcordeA” Oh

#117 Victoria “Kalaré” Chan
Big: Kelly “Chara” Chen

#118 Amy “reveCiél” Chen
Big: Stephanie “Céreséis” Nguy

Congrats again and welcome to the everlasting syzterhood!



It’s that time of year again! Come out to our Spring 2017 Rush, La Vie en Rose. Live life in pink and learn all about the everlasting syzterhood!

For questions, feel free to contact rush chairs: Kelly “Chara” Chen and Grace “ConcordeA” Oh, or reach out to any sister.

spr rush front.pngspr rush back.png

Fall Dinner 2016



Nothing is better than spending the holidays with those you love.

Shoutout to our formals chairs, Grace ‘ConcordeA’ Oh and Amber ‘sublime’ Chia for planning an amazing Fall Dinner this semester! We enjoyed dinner, games, Secret Sigma, and more! What a great way to end the semester.

Be on the lookout for Rush Spring 2017!

Rush Fall 2016!

It’s the start of a new semester at Binghamton University and finally the start of our FALL 2016 RUSH WEEK! See where your luck will take you and come out to play with the sisters this week! Feel free to contact rush chairs, Sophia ‘aSCend’ Huang or Kelly ‘Chara’ Chen, or any sister for more info!

rush fall 16 toprush fall 16

Formals 2016!


Thank you to our formals chairs, Gina ‘JioDe’ Richards and Sophia ‘aSCend’ Huang on planning this year’s formals! It was a wonderful time to celebrate the end of an amazing year! Also a huge thank you to all of the alumni that came up to Binghamton as well as everyone else who came!

A warm congratulations to our two new classes, Beta Alpha Theta and Beta Alpha Iota. We all look forward to the upcoming semester! Look out for new details about rush for Fall 2016!

China Night 2016

This year’s China Night hosted by Binghamton University’s Chinese American Student Union (CASU) was a huge success! Thank you to CASU, all of the performers of ribbon dance this year, and to the alumni/actives who came out to support! It was a great event and we had a blast!

IMG_0988 IMG_0989 IMG_0991 IMG_0992 IMG_0995

Introducing our Iridescent Alpha Iota Class!

Today, on our beautiful founder’s day we celebrate a wonderful 22 years of our sorority and the 10 rays of our amazing syzterhood. With this in mind, The Beta Chapter of Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, Inc. is extremely proud to introduce our newest IRIDESCENT ALPHA IOTA CLASS!!
We’re so excited and proud of you three for everything that you’ve accomplished and how far you’ve come. Rep your letters LOUD and PROUD and do big things for our chapter! Welcome to the everlasting syzterhood!!

A HUGE thanks to:
PE: Amber “sublime” Chia
PEA: Diana “céoLaVie” Situ

Congratulations to our amazing neos!

#111 Kelly “Chara” Chen
Big: Charlene “Vivacyre” Lau

#112 Jenny “vignette” Guan
Big: Melissa “LaVera” Lavides

#113 Justine “HarLô” Zhen
Big: Gina “JioDe” Richards

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS to everyone that picked up and the PE and PEA!

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 11.58.26 AM

Happy Founder’s Day!

On March 23, 1994, at the University at Albany, our ten founding mothers came together to establish an organization that would unite and empower women. There are sisters all over the nation and although we have distance between us, we are connected through sisterhood. Our organization thrives because we have dedicated sisters who work hard to embody the ideals that our founding mothers envisioned. Today, we celebrate 22 years of our beautiful sorority!

Happy Founders’ Day!


Congratulations to our Alpha Theta Class!

Beta Chapter is proud to introduce: The Alpha Theta Thrillers!
We’re so excited and proud of you all for everything that you’ve accomplished. Rep your letters with pride and do big things for our chapter! Welcome to the everlasting syzterhood!

A HUGE thanks to
PE: Shirley “ENDIOR” Tse
PEA: Amber “sublime” Chia
PEA: Jiajia “Adelia” Ren

Congratulations to our three neos!

#108 Min “ALIS” Zheng
Big: Kathy “RAYDEA” Shi

#109 Gina “JioDe” Richards
Big: Sara “DynáMiA” Schiavi

#110 Sophia “aSCend” Huang
Big: Munan “CorDiniA” Zhao

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS to everyone that picked up and the PE and PEAs!

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 10.51.38 PM

NERR 2015!

Thank you to all the chapters that came out Saturday, Oct. 17, 2015 for our Northeast Regional Rally! It was a blast seeing syzters from the region and hosting for you all. Shoutout to our current NERD, Katherine ‘Armada’ Jo for helping us plan so much. We hope to see you all again soon, you’re welcomed back to Binghamton at any time.

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Formals 2015


This year our annual formals were held in NYC so that all of the alumni and actives could gather to celebrate together! We had an incredibly beautiful and successful formals all with the help of our wonderful alum, Aimee ‘Aureluné’ Manimtim. Without her, we wouldn’t have been able to come together and organize such an amazing dinner and celebration.

Thank you to everyone to came out and hopefully had a blast with us! A special congratulations to our two new classes, Alpha Zeta and Alpha Etas. We all look forward to the exciting year ahead. Look out for new details about rush for Fall 2015!